Privacy Policy


  1. Introduction:

 The privacy policy is a document which outlines how YoungFundr LTD will collect data, use data, share data and store data. YoungFundr LTD holds the rights to change the privacy policy at any point, and is recommended that users of the YoungFundr website regularly check the privacy policy for updates.


  1. Key Terms:

A Campaign – The web page showing what a business does and what they will use the target amount of money for.

A Campaign owner – The individual/team who is running the campaign.

A contributor – An individual who has given money to a campaign, with the intent of receiving a reward.


  1. Personal Information:

 The personal information YoungFundr LTD collects is provided by the user voluntarily. There is no obligation for users to provide their personal information, however it may restrict functionality on the YoungFundr website.

The personal information we may request are: Forename, Surname, email address, postal address, Stripe account details, Facebook information. If you set up a campaign we may ask for the company address, company email, companies house number the name and email address of the director of the business or sole trader running of the business, Tax code, DOB Stripe account details and a phone number. If you are not a sole trader or limited company, and are launching an individuals project, we will require your full name, address, email address.


  1. How personal information may be used:

Personal information may be collected and used for the following reasons:

  • To verify the individual(s) behind a campaign are who they say they are and a brief look at the company before we decide whether to allow it to go live on our website.
  • To process payments: we will need to use the collected data to make sure all the payments go through successfully and correctly.
  • In case of any suspicious activity: if we have a report of fraud or improper use of the website, we may use the collected data to investigate the individual/ campaign.
  • Running a competition/promotion or survey.
  • To send emails, newsletters or updates.
  • We always want to improve the YoungFundr website/service therefore we may use customer feedback to develop our services.
  • We may use collected data to deal with any enquiries or issues. This will improve our customer service.
  • Additionally, the data collected may be shared if requested by the Government/regulation or financial regulatory board, or third-party businesses working on behalf of the Government.
  • If we are partnered with any companies who require your information to get in contact with you, we will share your information with them.
  • Data may be shared with third-party companies who may or may not be partnered with YoungFundr LTD.
  • The personal data provided will be stored securely.

If an individual was to contact the YoungFundr team, we attain the right to keep a record of the incidence and the information contained from the discussion within our database.


  1. Updating personal information:

 It is the sole responsibility of account holders/individuals to update their personal information when required. This is so we have the most up to date data, if there was a reason to get in contact.


  1. Sharing personal information:

 We may share personal information when contacting the individual via a third party application, or if requested by the court of law, or government officials, or regulation boards. We may also share generic information for data purposes, however we by no means will sell or trade or rent your personal information. Data may be shared with third party companies who may or many not be partnered with YoungFundr. Information supplied to us is only available to employees managing the information in order to send emails or newsletters.


  1. Compromise of Personal Information:

 In the event that personal information stored by the YoungFundr website is compromised, those affected will be contacted. However, from this point forward, YoungFundr LTD and the YoungFundr team are to be indemnified if there is a breach in personal information, whether it be unintentional or a security breach to the YoungFundr systems.


  1. Non-Personal information:

 The YoungFundr website may collect non-personal information about users when they use the site. The non-personal information collected will be used for statistical purposes and will include: the browser name, the computer type, the operating system etc. Additionally, the non personal information collected will give an indication as to what category you regularly view, hence the website shows more specific campaigns that may be of interest.


  1. Cookies:

 The data collected by the cookies on the YoungFundr website will be used to personalise the user experience with custom pages, but can also be used to remember site login information to ease the user experience.


  1. Data Protection:

Users personal data is safely stored with the necessary security measures in place in order to protect the data, but also to restrict, any unauthorised access to whom may seek to tamper, alter or disclose our stored data.

Personal information provided on the website will be protected to prevent any unauthorised access.

Any personal information no longer needed will be disposed of, in a secure and safe manner.


  1. Third Party Websites:

We may share your personal data with third party companies, however, we attain the right to share your personal information if there is an investigation in place, or we are getting in contact to respond to a query/email. We may also have third party websites advertising on the site, and may share your personal information with these companies, if necessary. We have no control of what they advertise and where they advertise to you as they are a separate entity to YoungFundr, therefore they have their own cookies and privacy policy in place.


  1. Users under 18:

At YoungFundr we want young entrepreneurship to thrive, therefore if an individual is under the age of 18, we require an email from the legal parent or guardian sent to to discuss further details.


  1. Changes to the privacy policy:

We suggest that you continuously check the privacy policy. This is because YoungFundr LTD holds the rights to change the privacy policy terms at any point. We will notify users when the privacy policy has been changed, however it is up to the individual to regularly check the sites privacy policy and act accordingly.


  1. Acceptance of terms:

 Your use of the website indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Continuing to use the website when the terms have been amended again signifies your acceptance of the terms of the website. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then we kindly request you to not use the YoungFundr website.