About Us


What is YoungFundr?

YoungFundr is a reward based crowdfunding platform designed for young entrepreneurs to raise finance for their business and projects. 


Our Mission:

Remove barriers and create opportunity. We truly believe that there is so much potential for young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas into the real world and we want to help! With YoungFundr we wish to create an online space showcasing young entrepreneurs and their creativity through their projects.



YoungFundr was set up, because our founder Rayyan Petkar is a young entrepreneur and has been since an early teen. He understands the difficulties of having awesome ideas, but being restricted due to lack of finance. He is also aware of the fact that it can be quite difficult for young entrepreneurs to raise finance from the regular finance outlets, therefore wanted to provide a solution.

The founder Rayyan Petkar being only 21 years old has gained recognition from his entrepreneurial activities and has been nominated for entrepreneurship awards and wants to show people that a lack of experience should not stop entrepreneurialism. He said “entrepreneurialism is a fantastic opportunity to conceptualise your ideas and thoughts into something tangible, and a lack of finance should not be something that restricts people from creating their brilliant ideas. We aim for YoungFundr to help young entrepreneurs by removing barriers and create opportunity for them.”